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He could have contented himself with just being Nirvana's drummer -- and earn legendary status for eternity regardless. Weary, Dave Grohl has also become the frontman of one of the greatest rock bands on the planet.

A diehard fan of jam sessions with all the sacred monsters of rock of which he has become one of the rare members, the lead guitarist-singer known as the nicest rocker of the universe has delivered the most exciting album of his career. “Concrete & Gold”, the ninth acclaimed opus by the Foo Fighters, is a masterpiece, mastered, coherent, ambitious and spectacular, a follow-up to over twenty years of radio hits performed in crowded stadiums during massive tours. Their concerts are perceived as marathons running with high electric intensity, operating between the mastery of classic-rock riffs, hard-rock energy, pop choruses and punk urgency. All delivered with a passion, a generosity and a rare passion, all with humor and and a  united band in a simplicity that is matched only by the power of its performance.