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When the singing madman Mike Patton gets bored, even if it’s only for five minutes, he either forms a new band or joins one, versed with the same intensity as his countless other solo projects, whether it’s being a crooner on faux Italian soundtracks, fronting Tomahawk or his most popular band, Faith No More, currently on a break.


But it’s on the invitation of his friend Dave Lombardo, another staunch workaholic with whom he already develops noisy experimentations within Fantômas, that Patton has delivered one of the most hysterical vocal scores of 2017 on the eponymous debut album of Dead Cross. With the exception of their cover of “Bela Lugosi's Dead” by Bauhaus, the seminal track of 80s cold wave scraped here with sandpaper, the opus takes off on the usual striking and brutal rollercoaster ride. Thrash, punk, schizoid noise and bestial vocal rantings: the laboratory is once again hysterical and jubilant, orchestrated by the return of Ross Robinson, the man behind the first Slipknot albums, Sepultura’s “Roots”, At-The-Drive-In or Deftones. Ow, ouch, take a break after their performance.